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Aden three day tour tour guide

2018-04-29 17:36:00

Yading is located in the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, located in the east of the famous Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, in the middle of the Hengduan Mountains, is a national nature reserve, provincial scenic area, known as "the last Shangri-La", "the last piece of pure land on the blue planet". Aden Tibetan means "place", also known as Nianqing day song Kampo, that is, the meaning of "holy land", Aden scenic area belongs to the mountain canyon scenic area.


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Attractions in Aden

Three sacred mountains - Senai Ri, Yangmaiyong, Shano Dorji are the guardian mountains of the Tibetan people in Aden, and are rated as one of the ten most beautiful mountains in China. The north peak, Senai Day, means "Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva" (6032 m), the south peak, Yangmaiyong "Manjusri Bodhisattva" (5958 m), and the east peak, Shano Dorjee "Vajradeshvara Bodhisattva" (5958 m), it is said that if Tibetans can worship the sacred mountain three times, they can realize their wishes in this life.


Jane can only be regarded as a larger pool, the green color of the water in the morning sky with a faint light, as if a piece of dark jade fell to the earth. The lake is just a reflection of the Xienai sun's heroic posture, although not complete, but also enough to make the lake stained with some sacred mountain aura, full of vitality. Always think that such an environment is a good place for people to think, really can achieve the peace of mind can be as calm as this autumn water, maybe you can really hear the call of God.


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Xianai Snow Mountain is the first of the three major peaks in Aden scenic area, is the fifth peak, 6032 meters above sea level, lofty Wei Li, dignified auspicious, peak name means "Goddess of Mercy Bodhisattva", surrounded by ice erosion peak forest landform, glaciers and glacier remains and alpine lakes, the peak 10 degrees north, west to the Big Dipper, Buddha and Dao two families have the Big Dipper star as an auspicious star.


Shano Dorji means "Vajra hand Bodhisattva" is the eastern peak of the "Three Father" snow mountain, 5958 meters above sea level. Shanodoji god mountain stands between heaven and earth, in Buddhism is the god of violence and peace, he is brave and vigorous, straddling the colorful tiger skin, around the waist of the evil python, Mr. Locke described it as a bat with huge wings ready to fly, compared to the thunder God in Greek mythology, the left green stone mountain head for the Bulu God of wealth, the lower right for the horse head King Kong, Horsehead King Kong under the "Danxia wind forest landform for eight hundred arhats", the foot of the sacred mountain Luorong cattle farm side is the year Mr. Lok camp.

Matters needing attention

There are more sunny days in autumn, suitable for shooting. But at this time the temperature is about 5°C- 20°C, Aden scenic area is about 5°C, and the temperature difference is large in the morning and evening, so be sure to bring long Johns, sweaters and down jackets. If possible, it is best to bring headlights, waterproof gloves, hardshell jackets and pants.