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Accommodation guide

2018-04-08 22:24:56

Come, food, accommodation, travel, shopping, entertainment, natural word can not fall, then one of the six elements of one of the elements "accommodation" should be arranged? Today Xiaobian will share their own experience with you, and hope to be helpful to you.


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I'm sure the place to stay is near the bell tower. If you are a little relaxed, you can consider "Bell tower rice", a four-star, known as "Northwest rice carrier leader", the environment is elegant, convenient transportation location, economic wine then Haiyou, 7 days, such as home and so on is everything, around these wines are covered by major shopping malls, food streets, bars and so on.


In the important business circle, the small village must be the first. Came to small village, accommodation recommended small village west Road inn, although there is a certain distance from small village, but the wine price is still relatively high, the whole wine antique, moderate price, people who live on a night will linger.


Come, the natural terra-cotta warriors and Huaqing Pool is a must not go to the scenic spots, because these two scenic spots are far away from the urban area, so be sure to book the room in advance, here Xiaobian recommend is the Qin style Tang Yun cultural theme wine, the facilities in the room are antique, antique table, stool, Taishi chair, coffee table, lamp, the first floor also has antique tea room, There are antique antiques on display, with the sound of guqin playing. The hotel environment is good and the service is good.


In addition to the Terracotta Warriors there is another place to go, that is big. There are also many places to eat, drink and have fun in the vicinity. Accommodation this small series recommend the Great Wall building, and the big scenic spot is only five minutes away, the wine facilities are complete, service in place, first-class health, superior location, inexpensive, worth a stay.


After playing for a few days, we are about to embark on the return trip, then where should we live more convenient to get to the train station? There are still more wine near the train station, but it is recommended that you book online in advance, recommend Galilee, pudding wine, etc., comfortable environment, convenient transportation, very high cost performance.

Matters needing attention

Travel out should book housing in advance, during the holidays, the hotel supply will generally be very tight and the price is very expensive.