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About Health Online

2018-02-21 22:24:00

1. Use the Internet in your spare time, control the Internet time within two hours a day, and do not break the normal diet and living habits. 2. Have a clear purpose to surf the Internet, browse the content you need selectively, do not aimlessly. 3. In the process of surfing the Internet, we should maintain a stable state of mind, eliminate the novelty mentality, and should not be too invested. 4. Don't go online late at night, and don't mess with your body clock just to save a few bucks. 5. Don't believe in Internet love. Love is in the real world. 6. Do not soak in the Internet in order to kill time, in fact, there are many ways to kill time in life, chatting with friends, playing ball, dancing and so on are very good entertainment. 7. If you find yourself no longer interested in anything except the Internet, or if you are unable to survive the Internet, it is recommended that you talk to a psychiatrist.