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A tour guide

2018-04-29 11:12:00

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Bring your camera and wallet


In what I think of as Spanish style street is also a great beauty. Especially in the evening, a bustling and bustling. Every literary shop and exotic statues, love street photos must not be missed.


The second interesting place is Tanwarin. Have long heard of the scenic spots of Tanhualin, to see is a long street, also very lively, is a good place for literary and artistic youth than to go, a variety of styles make you can't stop. It is recommended to go to Tanhualin in summer, there will always be a lot of harvest.


The Yangtze River Bridge. On a summer night, you can pay two yuan to go to the Yangtze River Bridge for a panoramic view of the river. The wind is cool at night, and you can see passenger ships coming and going.


Hubu Lane and Yellow Crane Tower are no strangers. Hubu Lane is a gathering of foodies, a variety of snacks, a sea of people. Hot dry noodles, Zhou Black Duck, pineapple rice, called flower chicken, stinky tofu... Climbing the Yellow Crane Tower is unobstructed, you can also see the far Yangtze River, feel the bold feelings of the ancients.

Matters needing attention

There are many subway lines, you can choose not to take the bus


Hubu Lane of Yellow Crane Tower and Tanhualin are very close