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A garden wedding can be simple

2018-02-15 04:48:00

People who live in the city for a long time are particularly longing for the rural idyllic life, which is comfortable and secluded that people living in cement tiles can not enjoy. So why not take advantage of the opportunity to have a rural wedding? A rural wedding is not only creative and different, but also an opportunity for couples and their friends and family to enjoy a relaxing holiday and enjoy the natural scenery! Garden wedding to choose in a scenic venue, it is best there are clear streams, green, in the green grass simple arrangement, you can be used as the wedding background stage, but the best material is flowers, so that it is more matched with the scene, a large number of silk flowers or scaffolding but more obtrusive, no pastoral feeling. So the arch is best made of pure flowers and green leaves. The garden wedding flower ball is best to match white and green or yellow and green, the flower ball is not too dense, all take a simple and easygoing route, more close to nature. If you do not like the simple couple can also do a little gorgeous wedding, but the flowers are definitely necessary, you can also surround the yarn on the square pavilion, but the choice of color should be careful, it is best to yellow or white organza, so it is more dreamy, there is a feeling of smoke and rain. Because many people do not have so much time to do the wedding, so the rural wedding can also choose to be held in the community, directly decorate the wedding venue in the green area of the community, even the square pavilion is ready. However, the pavilion has to be decorated, it is best to use yarn and flowers, to have a romantic atmosphere, and the surrounding grass flowers do not need to move, directly used as the background, is not very simple?