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【 Weight loss 】 Vitamin C weight loss method healthy weight loss

2018-02-15 01:36:00

The main physiological functions of vitamin C: 1, promote the biosynthesis of bone collagen. It is conducive to faster healing of tissue wound; 2, promote the metabolism of amino acids tyrosine and tryptophan, body life. 3. Improve the utilization of iron, calcium and folate. 4, improve the metabolism of fat and lipids, especially cholesterol, and prevent heart disease. 5, promote the growth of teeth and bones, prevent gum bleeding. ; 6, enhance the body's anti-stress ability and immunity to the external environment. We all know that it is a very important antioxidant and anti-aging nutrient, and it has a great effect on our body, including its weight loss effect. Vitamin C is found in a variety of common vegetables, fruits, tablets, taste good, easy to be absorbed by our body, it can help us lose weight through a variety of roles. 1, Vitamin C slimming principle 1, suppress appetite Vitamin C can stimulate norepinephrine, and norepinephrine can help people adjust depressed mood, improve mood. It has been described as a "slimming hormone". Because norepinephrine can affect your brain and suppress your appetite, making you feel like you don't need to eat. It also stimulates your mood, making you feel full and in a good mood, making you forget your physical hunger. After the intake of vitamin C, the body's norepinephrine will surge, and then suppress the appetite, achieve weight loss effect. 2, burning fat Vitamin C can improve fat and lipid metabolism, the higher the concentration of VC in the blood, the lower the body fat is usually. Supplementing with VC can help with fat burning. Studies have found that people who get enough vitamin C burn 30 percent more fat during exercise than those who don't. 3, synthetic carnitine, promote fat metabolism Vitamin C can synthesize carnitine, promote fat metabolism, accelerate the decomposition and burning of fat. During the metabolic process, if the content of carnitine is insufficient, it will lead to fat hoarding and the formation of adipose tissue. Long-term lack of vitamin C, not only will gain weight, but also health problems will emerge in endlessly. Similarly, studies have found that people who get enough vitamin C burn 30 percent more fat during exercise than those who don't. Timely supplementation of vitamin C is the key to successful weight loss! Two, how to take vitamin C weight loss experts recommend a daily intake of vitamin C dose of about 100 mg. If you want to stick to 100 mg of vitamin C per day, a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice will give you 97 mg of vitamin C. Most vegetables can also provide you with a lot of vitamin C, such as a cup of cooked cauliflower juice can give you 74 mg of vitamin C, a medium large kiwi fruit contains 70 mg of vitamin C. If you're not a fan of fresh fruits and vegetables, there are other ways you can get vitamin C for weight loss. For example, try a puree with a fruit formula, order a salad, and eat oatmeal with fruit slices every morning. You can get vitamin C by eating the way you like. About 15 percent of adults are deficient in vitamin C each year, an increase of 3 to 5 percent from 25 years ago. This is mainly because more and more of the food people eat is processed, and during the processing, vitamin C has been destroyed by the effects of light and heat and oxidation. Therefore, in order to effectively consume vitamin C, try to choose fresh fruits and vegetables, such as broccoli, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, grapefruit, oranges, grapes, etc.