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.. Hongcun five-day tour guide

2018-02-19 16:00:00

Dragon Boat Festival small holiday, plan to travel for a few days, listed a few places you want to go, and finally selected to go. With several travel experience, but still level we, for this trip, still dare not neglect. First, I looked up a lot of travel notes on the Internet, recorded useful information, and then let us look forward to the personal experience.


DAY1 (half day) : - (direct flight) Due to weather reasons, the plane was delayed for two hours, thinking it was a leisure place, so the delay did not hit our tourism interest, to about five o 'clock in the afternoon, the first thought was a night tour, but on second thought, we went to the equipment is not ready, so decided to go shopping to buy hiking shoes. According to the online guide, it is easy to find the Liger Bridge Road near Wulin Road, several selling outdoor supplies, we turned three, carefully selected, and finally lost two pairs of more than one thousand hiking shoes in the traveler's club specializing in the Italian brand Gore-tex, which can walk steps and simple mountaineering, V-bottom, middle help. Also with UV protection long sleeve quick drying clothes, sweat fast T-shirt and sun hat (in the later climbing process, quite useful) carrying a big bag of trophies, it is late outside, it is time to eat a good meal, home guide us to the local people like to eat lobster! Follow the Liger Bridge past Wulin Road, straight walk to ten minutes. Looking at the lively popularity, we knew that we had come to the right place! Go straight in, seems to be very skilled to point food, crayfish, is often said hemp small, this we are familiar! Don't treat us like amateurs! However, a look at the menu, my eyes a little silly, how so many kinds of ah, steamed onion and ginger, spicy, thirteen fragrant, boiled, braised, etc., I can only look silly waiter, smiling and said: "Beauty, recommend it?" People did not dislike my inadequacy, recommended steamed lobster with onion and ginger and thirteen fragrant. After a while, the delicious color of crayfish served up, ginger and onion steamed is no shrimp head, not spicy, very fragrant! Thirteen incense is waiting for a long time, the taste is very strong, but the shrimp is not ginger and onion meat. However, drinking local beer, gobbling up a mouthful of grease, can not stop nodding praise! (A highlight of each of our trips is eating!) After eating, it was very late, thinking that the travel time was relatively free, and we could travel tomorrow night, so we gave up the night tour plan and directly went back to drink and rest. Tip: There are rental bicycles in the city, you can park in many places, convenient, quick and direct rental car with magnetic card, but there are only four points that can do the card, and they are not near the lake attractions. (There is one near the Children's Palace) it is surprising that such an established tourist city can be so careless with its software.


DAY2 (all day) : Lingyin Temple, get up at 6:30 in the morning, the mountain must catch up early, 7:30 to Lingyin Temple, please a local guide (20 yuan), a little cloudy, we are going to burn incense, so the guide is just a brief introduction of the main attractions, and told us the order and rules of burning incense, we began a devout Lingyin Temple pilgrimage. After the five main halls were worshiped, while it was still early, we continued to the north peak to draw a sign, the sign to solve the doubts, the mood is very comfortable. (God can not leak, sorry not to say more) Choose bus down the mountain, very convenient, 2 yuan or 3 yuan per person. To the bustling road, found 7080 courtyard style restaurant, the decoration is very simple, floor-to-ceiling Windows, dishes are new Hangzhou cuisine, looking at the street outside the window, passers-by, tasting tea, comfortable leisure. Eat and drink well, start along the walking leisure tour, willow waves warbler crow, Yang Gong Dyke, Qu yuan Fenghe, along the way, step by step is the scenery, heaven on earth! A wonderful trip, the end, our trip in the next few days, every day wonderful... Tip: Bus self-service coin, no change, please change the 1 yuan coins in advance Oh


DAY3 (Full day) : From the soup mouth to the foot of the soup mouth, the car is about four hours, (there is a direct car 3 and a half hours, to ask clearly when buying a ticket) we slept late, ate the taste of the authentic soup bag, arrived at the long-distance bus South Station, was told that only the West station to go to the car (the answer was wrong before checking), and the West station is far from the city, taxi to about 60 yuan! Fortunately, there is a bus from the South Station to the west station, a few dollars a person, get on and get off, the number of trains to the mouth of the soup is still much, about an hour or so there is a trip, we bought a little more train tickets, sat on the car, did not see the scenery, I fainted, sleep daze, heard someone loudly introduced, woke up to know that it is nearly arrived, talking is the owner of the contracted tour car, He kindly reminded some things to pay attention to up the mountain, do not ridicule the porter, do not carry too much water up the mountain and so on. At Tangkou, the car stopped at the entrance of a street in the hotel, which is also the place where all the tour buses must pass through. We walked down the street and found the Tour tofu Inn, a standard room of 50 yuan a night, with TV, hot water, air conditioning plus 10 yuan, clean and sanitary! There's also a free tour every night at 6pm! (The original old You tofu man moved to the next door 15 meters to open a new, the original location is still named You tofu, but the word you on the sign was erased) People who like to travel are familiar, everyone listened carefully, but also asked a lot of questions, and made full preparations for the next morning up the mountain, in the blink of an eye, it is commendable that the dishes of you tofu home are good and cheap, Mushroom vegetables five yuan a plate, rice enough ~! We ordered the most expensive wild boar meat, hairy tofu, and cucumber eggs! Full of wine and food and free taste of the famous tea monkey kui! Tips: Mountain gear: ID, T-shirt (two pieces), socks (two pairs) wearing long sleeve shirt, sun hat, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, raincoat (3 yuan), crutches and map (free tofu tour), a can of eight-treasure porridge, two bottles of water, ham sausage, buns. Although the things on the mountain are expensive, such as 15 yuan a bottle of water, but they do not have to carry too many things. The remaining baggage can be posted free of charge in the inn, down the mountain must return to the soup mouth.


DAY4(all day) : Get up at 5 o 'clock, wash up, eat breakfast, 5:45 at the door of the inn there is a car to go to the mountain cable car ticket office, four people carpool, 10 per person. To Yungu Temple cable car station, 80 yuan cable car one-way, scenic ticket 230 yuan, with the Expo ticket 10% discount. Back hill Mountain, stay in the hotel or the adjacent Shilin hotel, standard room 780 yuan/night, with hot water, TV, down jacket, laundry service. Although the room is not big, it is well equipped, clean and hygienic. Wine first, luggage first, light pack. There are also many people staying in hotels, can live in a full bunk. But the single room we asked for felt that the Lion Forest was quieter and cleaner, and the West Sea Hotel was being rebuilt. In general, the West Sea Hotel, hotels, and Shilin are not far away. Stay in the West Sea and you can put your luggage down early and then turn counterclockwise to the West Sea Grand Canyon. Those who live in the building have to walk a few more miles and then go clockwise to the West Sea Grand Canyon. Coastal Grand Canyon a circle, hiking nearly seven hours, through the hotel, the whole eight hours, back to the wine. The scenery along the way is unlimited ~ this time the feet and legs are not their own, after a hot bath, which also the price, in the hotel to eat the most expensive dinner. (78 scrambled eggs with tomatoes, 30 shredded potatoes and eggplant)


DAY5 (full day) : Watch the sunrise, close to the Shilin wine there is a position to watch the sunrise - monkey watch the sea, a 10-minute walk. Sunrise is around 4:45 to 5 p.m., so it's worth getting there a few minutes early to get a front-row seat. The day is still a little cloudy, did not see the complete sunrise, but the sun is about to come out, the clouds in the sky are like being burned red, very spectacular. Back to the wine pack, breakfast, check out. Passing the top, the peak, the turtle, and finally the welcome pine. Take the cable car down the mountain. Back to the soup mouth, just at noon, eat, pick up luggage, 1:20 in the tour tofu Inn street fork to take the bus to Hongcun, 10 per person. After about forty minutes, we arrived at the famous ancient town - Hongcun, bought 80 yuan scenic spot tickets, and walked into the village with a history of more than 300 years, this ancient village near the mountains and rivers, black tiles and white walls, surrounded by water, and elegant snuggles at the foot. Although it is already a tourist attraction, the villagers are still simple and hard-working, and their houses are changed into inns, with prices ranging from dozens of yuan to one or two hundred. We chose the two-story building by the water - Huqin Building (the small bridge in the right photo only the small building), the owner of Aunt Guo, hard-working and hospitable, and his wife has lived here for more than 40 years. A quiet night here added a beautiful stop to our tour. (A total of four, two rooms can see the lake view) Said goodbye to Aunt Guo's family, we took a bus to the city, tour the old street, eat Hui cuisine, stone ear stewed stone chicken, braised small mandarin fish, tea, massage, 9:20 PM plane back... Five thousand li road moon --

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