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+ Aden Travel Guide

2018-04-29 14:24:00

Through the pure land of Buddhism, into the last Shangri-La, China's most beautiful landscape avenue, top travel feast. 1st Country - (Foodie Paradise, Western leisure capital) Day 2 -- Malkang (pastoral scenery of viewing color rice) - Guanyinqiao Town Day 3 Guanyinqiao Town - larong Wuming Buddhist College (shooting sunset) - County Day 4 Wuming Buddhist College - County Day 5 - World High City (Sky City) - Haizishan Nature Reserve - County No. 6 Tianxian County - Shangri-La Town - Aden Scenic Spot (all-day shooting and play) Day 7 Aden Scenic Spot all-day shooting () - Shangri-La Town - County Day 8 County - (World High City) - Bridge (Photographer's corridor) - Kangding - Day 9 - (three best) -


Schedule: 9 days


Best season: March - December


The first day, arrival, is a city that came and did not want to leave. In this western leisure capital, if the time is relatively abundant, you can have a good visit, taking into account the boat and car, not unified arrangement of the itinerary, energetic can play by yourself. ◆ Travel recommendation: Temple, Du Fu Cottage, Site museum, Panda base, Wide and narrow alley, Jinli, People's Park tea, Chunxi Road to see beauty ◆ Special hot pot recommendation: Shu Jiu Xiang, old pier, West Sichuan dam, Xiaolong Kan, Bashu mansion gate, etc.


The second day ◆ In the morning, start along the Minjiang River, along the way to see the Zipingpu water conservancy project, the hometown of Dayu, the earthquake site, and then through [], Taoping Qiang Village, Ganbao Tibetan Village, and then through the Zhigu Mountain tunnel, driving into the beautiful and slender [Suomo River Canyon], the picturesque scenery on both sides of the mountain road, let people linger. ◆ All the way to the mountains and valleys, the autumn scenery is beautiful, passing Zhuokeji official village, Xisuo folk houses, and enjoying the Tibetan and Qiang ethnic customs. Enter [Malkang] in the west Sichuan scenery along the way, and arrive at Songgang Township far view [Songgang Zhibo Sculpted Castle].


Day 3 ◆ The journey was beautiful, with black yaks and white sheep looming in the morning sun, and the breeze blowing a pastoral song as soft as clouds. At noon, we arrive at Lo Lo Township for lunch. Then go to [Tianzang Tai] to observe the ceremony, Tianzang is consistent with the Buddhist teachings, in Buddhism there is a moving story of Buddha "sacrificing his body to feed the tiger", and giving is also the highest realm of Mahayana Buddhism. ◆ Go to [Larong Wuming Buddhist College], enter the gate of the Buddhist College, the red houses on the hill come into view, and the golden sunshine pours down, as if bathed in the Buddhist light. In the evening, hike to the top of the Buddhist College and quietly listen to the bursts of Brahma sounds on the mountain. Here shooting [Buddhist Academy night view], great beauty speechless, the scene in front of the only word "shock".


Day 4: Those who are reluctant to part with the Buddhist College can enter [Wuming Buddhist College] again on their own in the morning. In the morning, the Buddhist Institute smoke curls up and the sound bursts, a beautiful and peaceful, is a good place to shoot humanistic films. ◆ After lunch, leave the Buddhist Institute in time. The scenery along Chuan-Zang 317 is primitive and magnificent, no less than any scenic spot. All the way along the river, over the mountains, through the tea horse Road, the important town of Wongda, county, far view [Casa Lake], straight to [county]. If you have time, you can visit the temple.


Day 5 - Leave in the morning and walk through the Yalong River Grand Canyon. The canyon is lined with rocks like an ancient tunnel, which is said to be the channel of the "navel of the earth". At noon arrived [Sky City County], 4,000 meters above sea level is the highest county in the world, is the home of Kangba Tibetan, the hometown of Cangyang Gyatso lover, the birthplace of the 7th Dalai Lama. ◆ After lunch, pass the Kuotang Grassland, the autumn air is crisp and golden, climb over the Rabbit Mountain like rabbit ears, pass the largest ancient ice body relic of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau [Haizishan Nature Reserve], known as the "ancient ice cap", where there are exquisite natural rock paintings [deer Totem]; 10 Menstrual Sangdui town beautiful [red grass], when a beautiful eye, from the spire overlooking the entire county; The Tibetan village is very suitable for shooting in the evening, the lingering light, the smoke curling up and the mist enveloping, and the beauty is extremely beautiful.


Day 6: After breakfast, go to the charming 【 Aden Scenic Spot 】. Along the way to enjoy the ten thousand acres of poplar forest park, the charming scenery of the Terru River Valley, and the Tibetan-style village. Take the scenic bus to Yading Village, along the way you can enjoy the Senaishi Shrine Mountain. ◆ After arriving at Yading Village homestay, take a rest and go to the Zhuomala Divine Lake [Zhen], the Zhen in the dense forest is like an emerald inlaid on the throne, the green waves are rippling, the autumn layers are dyed, reflecting the colorful world, which is dazzling.


The 7th day ◆ Get up early to enjoy the magnificent, after breakfast, take the scenic sightseeing bus to [Zhagubang], walk to the Chonggu Service Area, enjoy the scenery of [Chonggu Temple] and [Senai Sacred Mountain], you can take the scenic battery car to [Luorong cattle farm] at your own cost, the river shuttle from the pasture, the forest stream babbling, the autumn Luorong cattle farm is a brown red, A primeval scene of the sky grey and wild. ☆☆☆ Luorong Cattle Farm is the perfect place to photograph Yangmaiyong Sacred Mountain. ◆ Enjoy the "Shanodoji Sacred Mountain" (meaning Vajra Bodhisattva), "Yangmaiyong Sacred Mountain" (meaning Manshu Bodhsa), watch wild animals, mountain flowers, snow mountains, forests, glaciers, lakes, rivers, and experience the natural beauty of harmony between man and nature. Let the sacred mountains and sacred water and heart together, indulge in the dream land.


The eighth day ◆ Autumn, along the way the green forest golden bright, the road side, the pond side is a beautiful landscape. Looking back at the beautiful [], the aftertaste of the clever river, the vitality of the green poplar forest, the holiness of the milk sea, the sparkling of the Jane... ◆ Along the 318 National Highway all the way east, as the vehicle into the [Haizishan Nature Reserve], over the Kazila Mountain, Scissors bend Mountain, through the county, over the Gaolsi Mountain, arrived at the [Bridge], here is a fascinating world of light and shadow, the photographer's paradise, today there is plenty of time, you can freely create and shoot here. In the afternoon, cross [Iduo Mountain], pass [Kangding City], arrive or check in Kangding/Bridge/Moxi.


On the ninth day, looking back at the majesty of the bridge, after admiring the martyrs' heroic wind, down the river along the Dadu River, through the longest Erlang Mountain tunnel, feeling the Yin and Yang, through the 【 【 【 look at the three wonders, return along the Chengya high-speed. The trip is over!