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9 Family health tips

2018-05-01 09:36:00

Vegetables in the kitchen can sometimes be our best medicine


High cholesterol, eat two sweet potatoes a day sweet potatoes contain 8% of dietary fiber, mostly soluble dietary fiber, laxative function is very strong. Li Shizhen once said, "Sweet potato food makes people less sick", "sweet potato can replenish and neutralize blood, warm the stomach, fatten the five viscera, fill food, and prolong life." The University of Tokyo, Japan, conducted a study on the effect of 130 kinds of food to inhibit cholesterol and found that the effect of sweet potatoes is 10 times that of other foods. So, if you have high cholesterol, eat two sweet potatoes every morning and night. However, sweet potatoes should not be eaten raw, because the cell membrane is not damaged by high temperature, and the starch is difficult to digest; Second, sweet potatoes contain "gasification enzyme", eating too much, there will be abdominal distension, heartburn, burping and other discomfort. Therefore, it must be steamed or baked, and it is best to match with corn, so that the food is pleasant, health care and longevity.


The heart is not good, eat some potatoes potatoes contain up to 15% to 25% carbohydrates, more than all other vegetables, and it contains more protein than ordinary vegetables. Because potatoes are high in calories, they are widely used as a staple food in Europe. Potatoes also contain more vitamin C and sodium, potassium, iron, especially potassium content is the most abundant. Potatoes, with 502 mg of potassium per 100 grams, are rare high-potassium vegetables. Heart disease, especially heart dysfunction patients, have varying degrees of edema. Often take diuretic drugs to reduce swelling, easy to lead to the loss of potassium in the body, resulting in low potassium tendency. Therefore, often eat potatoes can supplement potassium, but also can supplement carbohydrates, proteins and minerals, vitamins.


The old man eats more chestnuts to prevent waist and leg pain every morning and evening, eat two raw chestnuts each. Putting chestnuts in your mouth and chewing carefully, chewing vigorously, chewing it into pulp, and then swallowing it can effectively solve the pain in your back and legs. Chestnuts can treat kidney deficiency, waist and leg weakness, it can tongxin Qi, thick gastrointestinal. There is a very detailed record in ancient times: "old to add waist and foot disease, mountain weng dress chestnut old transmission." It means: "Old, waist and legs have problems, the mountain met an old man on the mountain to give a square, why?" Eat chestnuts." But chestnuts eat raw difficult to digest, cooked food and easy stagnation of qi, so it is not suitable to eat more.


As the saying goes: "Radish is listed, the doctor goes to the countryside", "eat radish in winter and eat ginger in summer, do not bother the doctor to prescribe", these folk proverbs imply that radish has the effect of disease prevention and treatment. Chinese scientists found through research, radish contains anti-tumor, antiviral active substances, the active ingredient is double-stranded ribonucleic acid, it is to stimulate the body cells to produce interferon "interferon induction agent", food cancer, gastric cancer, nasal cancer, cervical cancer cells have a significant inhibitory effect. We often eat white radish, green radish, etc., contain this anti-cancer ingredient, but if you want to let the interferon fully released, it is best to eat raw and chew. This anticancer component is highly resistant to ribonuclease in the mouth. If you do not chew, swallow directly, not easy to degrade. In general, you can eat 100 to 150 grams every day or every other day. Radish is qi lowering, and ginseng can not be eaten together.


Appetite is not good, eat some vinegar peanuts peanuts, we call "eternal fruit". If the elderly find that their appetite is not good and blocked, you can get a few raw peanut kernels to chew carefully and swallow them. Raw peanut kernel with vinegar soaking, has a very good digestion effect. However, everyone must pay attention to eating peanuts, because if peanuts grow mold and buds, it is very easy to be infected with aflatoxin. Therefore, when buying peanuts, be sure to pick fresh, clean, and free from mold and germination.


Rape, can reduce swelling and stasis rape cold taste xin, liver, lung, spleen meridian. Rape is rich in dietary fiber, which can promote lipid excretion, reduce fat absorption, promote intestinal peristalsis, reduce constipation, and is good for preventing bowel cancer. Rape also contains substances similar to plant hormones, which can increase the formation of certain enzymes, thereby adsorbing and decomposing some carcinogens. It also has a nourishing effect on oral ulcers and gingival bleeding caused by upper jiao heat.


Elderly constipation, eat more spinach Elderly constipation more, you can eat more spinach. When spinach is slippery, it relaxes. "Along with the living diet spectrum" believes that spinach can "open the chest and diaphragm, Tonggi, moistening dryness and promoting blood circulation, stool astringency and hemorrhoids people should eat." At the same time, Harvard University in the United States found that spinach has a very good effect on protecting the function of our retina. Middle-aged and elderly people who eat spinach 2 to 4 times a week can reduce the risk of retinal degeneration.


When cauliflower, known as the "poor doctor", suffers from stomach cancer, the serum selenium level in the human body drops, and the concentration of vitamin C in the gastric juice is also lower than that of normal people. Cauliflower can not only supplement selenium and vitamin C, but also provide rich carotene, prevent precancerous lesions, curb the growth of cancer, and effectively prevent stomach cancer and breast cancer. Now patients with breast cancer, or to prevent breast cancer, should eat more cauliflower. Because breast cancer is related to estrogen levels in the body. Cauliflower contains a nitrogen-containing compound indole, which can reduce the level of estrogen in the body, thereby preventing the stimulation of active estrogen to breast cells, and play a role in anti-cancer and anti-cancer.


Constipation, 10 drops of vinegar a day Constipation is a chronic problem, in fact, our old vinegar than many drugs are used. Because vinegar is rich in amino acids and a large number of enzymes that promote digestion, it can promote intestinal peristalsis and has no toxic side effects. Every morning on an empty stomach, a spoonful of honey and ten drops of vinegar are drunk with a glass of warm water. In a week or so, it should have an effect.