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18 ways to keep healthy in your daily life

2018-05-04 12:48:00

Health is an essential part of our life, with a strong body, in order to better life.


Diet: want to eat but full, regular quantitative, to ensure the digestive organ health without disease.


Avoid anger do not anger, do not get angry, do not lose your temper, so as not to damage physical and mental health.


Hair often comb the hair, stroke the top of the skull, can promote metabolism, play a role in brain, clear mind.


Face scrub cheeks, use a soft towel to wipe, including dry face. Can puzzle concentration, rosy cheeks without wrinkles.


Tongue licking palate often with the tip of the tongue against the palate, holding the breath and concentrating, can be refreshing and invigorating the heart, more body fluid, spleen and stomach.


Teeth count knock Align your teeth, bite tightly, knock several times. Especially at midnight insist on doing several times, can strengthen the teeth do not break, so that the chewing muscle is healthy and strong.


Breathing deeply in the fresh air can promote blood circulation and improve the function of the respiratory system.


Saliva is a treasure, can make good digestion. More body fluid, so that it fills the mouth, and then divided into three consecutive luck to swallow. Especially at midnight to do three pharynx several times, has the chest to regulate qi, enhance the function of internal organs, can cure disease and prolong life.


Eye operation focuses on the exercise of various muscles of the optic nerve. Rotate the eyes, often overlook, do vision exercises, etc.


The ear often plays the ear ring, plays the ear muscle, including the wooing drum, to enhance the function of the auditory nerve.


Keep your back warm.


Keeping your chest warm and your back warm is the key to keeping your body warm and healthy. It has health care effect on heart, lung, liver, spleen, stomach, kidney and other organs.


Abdominal self-rubbing abdominal muscle movement can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis. Rubbing and massaging in the abdomen with the palm of the hand can help digestion, eliminate stasis, strengthen the body and relax the internal meridians.


Valley road (anus) support luck to lift the anal sphincter to do several contractions and diastolic actions every day, enhance the function of the sphincter, can refresh the energy.


Limb shake often sports and labor exercise.


The bottom of the sea is the heart of the foot. Wash your feet every night, rub the center of your feet dozens of times, or touch the soles of your feet against each other. It can receive the effect of invigorating qi and blood, clearing turbidiousness and clearing collaterals, relieving fatigue and vomiting.


When urinating and defecating, he closed his mouth, shook his hands, and kept his house. Can puzzle, invigorating qi, refreshing, fitness.


Clean body and skin hygiene, health, often take a bath, do not get sick, refreshed, prolong life. ​